Stories from our Patients

David - "Being able to come to Mission of Mercy has benefited me tremendously."

David has been a patient with Mission of Mercy for many years. He was seeing flashes, was always tired, and just didn’t feel right. He learned about Mission of Mercy through friends when they learned he was not feeling well and needed medical care. During his first visit, he learned he was diabetic and had high blood pressure. His A1C was at a 10 and he is down to a 6!

“Being able to come to Mission of Mercy has benefited me tremendously. My health has been a lot better and continues to get better. I have attended several educational classes such as diabetes foot care, diabetes education classes, and nutrition classes. The doctors and nurses are wonderful here. They are very professional, very kind, understanding, and caring. I hope people will continue to donate to Mission of Mercy. I know times are hard right now, but I hope people will still give what they can, that would be a wonderful thing to do.”

Linda and Reynoldo - "Without Mission of Mercy I don't know what we would do."

Reynoldo receives regular check-ups through our Vision Clinic, and he recently learned he had cataracts. We were able to help guide him to the resources he needed to get cataract surgery so he could continue to work. Linda receives check-ups, medication, labs, and education for her diabetes. Linda and Reynoldo cannot afford health insurance and do not qualify for any type of government assistance.

Linda says, “Without Mission of Mercy I don’t know what we would do. We do not qualify for anything else which makes it hard to get any type of healthcare. The doctors and nurses are great! Having people donate to Mission of Mercy is very much appreciated because we do not have insurance. Being able to come here and have our medical needs met … we have a lot of gratitude for that.”

Reynoldo adds, “There are a lot of people struggling out there. And having Mission of Mercy helps them. They helped me get the surgery I needed when they found out I had cataracts. I couldn’t continue to work without it.”

Jose - "Their help has also allowed me to continue playing wheelchair sports..."

Jose has been a patient for 7 years. Born with Cerebral Palsy, he also battles high blood pressure. Our doctors and nurses work with him to lower his blood pressure through medication and education. Jose says, “The staff is always quick to get me what I need whether it’s medication or reading glasses. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do today without them. Their help has also allowed me to continue playing wheelchair sports which I love and to continue to work.”

Alfredo - "Extremely grateful for the care and compassion he receives..."

Alfredo came to Mission of Mercy after having a toe amputated due to out of control diabetes. A doctor at the hospital told him about Mission of Mercy. During Alfredo’s first appointment he also found out he had high blood pressure. Our medical team began working to get his numbers under control.

Alfredo lives outside Corpus Christi and has no transportation. We work to make sure he has the tools he needs to be successful by monitoring his A1C numbers and his blood pressure on a daily basis. He checks both his A1C and blood pressure daily and sends in a log for each every week to our nursing staff who review them. When it’s time for an appointment we work with our partners to ensure he has transporation to the Medical Center and in between if he need medication and supplies our staff makes sure these items reach him. Alfredo is extremely grateful for the care and compassion he receives from everyone at Mission of Mercy

Adrianna and Fernando - "The biggest help was the medication."

Fernando came to Mission of Mercy after being laid off from his job where he had health insurance. He then briefly worked for an employer who did not provide health insurance coverage.  Fernando has been a diabetic since he was 19 months old. He relies on insulin and not being able to afford the lifesaving insulin is a scary situation. Good news is Fernando was soon able to find a new employer with health insurance and is thankful that Mission of Mercy was there when he needed a helping hand. 

“The medical staff was very   helpful and knowledgeable. They understood that I had been living with diabetes all my life but without health insurance I   could not afford to get the insulin,” says Fernando.

“The biggest help was the medication. It was a choice of either live or what else do you do, he doesn’t have a working pancreases. We couldn’t afford his medication at the time. He goes through 9 vials every 3 months and they are $125 a vial .” says his wife Adrianna.


Mendee - "With medication and education, she is on the right track to being healthier."

Meet Mendee who was referred to Mission of Mercy because she was having health issues with her eyes and vision. She was seen by Dr. Villarreal who found the problem to be a staph infection which he helped clear up through medication. While coming to Mission of Mercy, she also found out she was diabetic with an A1C of over 14. She had no idea! Mendee listened to her doctors, changed her eating habits, attended the Diabetes Management Classes where she learned about sugars, carbohydrates, and how to manage her medication. Her A1C is now below 10!

Mendee also receives her medication through our Medication Assistance Program. This program, in partnership with several pharmaceutical companies, allows low-income patients to receive their medications at no cost. Without this program, Mendee would not be able to afford her medications. With medication and education, Mendee said “she is on the right track to being healthier!”

“Having Mission of Mercy in my life has been a big change and they are a blessing as far as providing the education, medication assistance, and appointments I need. I am thankful to everyone.”


My name is Santos and I have been a patient of Mission of Mercy for 15 years. At the age of 42, Mission of Mercy helped with a second heart attack in Robstown through their mobile medical clinic. They had to open up an EKG machine and read the instructions while they realized I was having a heart attack. They sent me to the hospital. I have been their patient ever since. The dedicated medical volunteers totally went out of their way to assist me.

I have used the other medical services to include their Vision Clinic and now their Dental Clinic. I was the very first dental patient! I am really grateful and would not be here without Mission of Mercy since that very first medical appointment that literally saved my life.

As a supporter of Mission of Mercy, I wanted to personally tell you Thank YOU! Without your support I would have had nowhere to go. Thank you so much for supporting Mission of Mercy!


Meet Renee who was experiencing high blood pressure and gynecological health issues. She was a full time employee with no insurance. She tried navigating the health care system while saving money when she was able to for a doctor’s appointment.

Renee heard about Mission of Mercy from her mother who told her that Mission of Mercy existed for people in her situation, so she called and made an appointment.

Renee walked through our doors with a blood pressure of 215/115. Our volunteer physicians diagnosed, treated, and followed up with her care for the next three years. This allowed her to continue to work and care for her family. During this past year, her health issues became considerably worse. She had increased pain, migraines and bleeding causing her to miss work. At this point, surgery was Renee’s only option.

Our medical team went to work contacting local Obstetrics and Gynecology specialists to find her one that could see her for free while we continued to care for Renee. Thanks to the generous hearts in our community, a physician was found and her surgery has been scheduled!

Renee says, “Mission of Mercy has wonderful programs and you help with everything. This surgery is going to be a total blessing that would not be possible without your organization, volunteers and donors.”